New tattoo 😁

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    • By Sinister
      My name is Sinister, I'm new to the world of tattooing, although I have had a desire to get a tattoo for many years of my childhood, I recently got my first one. Along with my one tatt, I also have 3 current piercings (had many before). I plan to get many more tattoos in the future and I figured I would sign up to get more info on various topics rather than bugging my tattoo artist too much.
    • By Gia Dobson
      ....The Hell Is This Mess? | Dlisted
      Thursday, January 13th 2011
      ....The Hell Is This Mess?

      Why is rapper Gucci Mane (more like Marshalls Rattail) still trying to convince us that he's crazier than a former Club MTV dancer? That is the only explanation for why Gucci Mane got three scoops of blue (?) ice cream tattooed on his face cheek. If this isn't a yodel for a straitjacket, then I don't know what is. Getting an ice cream cone tattoo on your face is only okay if you've served time at the Kingdom of Caring Penitentiary. That's their equivalent of a teardrop tattoo.
      When your face is starting to look like a water damaged Lisa Frank folder that's collecting dust in the corner of a junior high school homeroom, it's time to file for divorce from the tattoo needle for good. Gucci Mane may not regret this decision tomorrow morning, but he'll definitely regret it ONE morning. Even the tattoo artist is trying to gulp down the regret he feels from being an active participant in this fuckery.
    • By Lochlan
      The who, what, where, when, and why of your first tattoo? Pls include a picture if possible as we would love to see it!
    • By Lochlan
      How did/do you choose your first tattoo(s)?
      What did it mean to you. Are you happy with it or would you do it differently today?
      Can we see a picture and hear the story that assisted you in placing it on your body?