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Hey guys

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    • This video just popped up in my Youtube feed.  Take a look and see what you think. Click me!
    • Picked up this dog rose from Cassandra Frances when I was in London a little over a week ago: I was nervous about what the dry air on an eight hour flight back home the next day would do to it. I originally planned to re-wrap at my artist’s recommendation, but when our first flight got cancelled and I didn’t want to struggle to A) try to wash it in an airport bathroom or B) leave it wrapped for 24 hours, I just put a little Aquaphor on it as usual and this has been one of my easiest heals so far. No stinging when I wash, swelling was gone within a day, no scabs.
    • @Gingerninja - Yes, on and off - funds permitting. I still speak to a lot of artists I came up with and even the ones I worked with. My start was very much less than ideal - but I've worked on my art a lot while I've been out of shop work.  @Hands On - I don't see it as seven years of practice that I've lost out on,  I see it as more time away from an industry where (at the time) there was nothing positive keeping me there. I needed some time out, so I took it and it made me a better person and allowed me to view this all with a renewed perspective. 

      Thanks for the replies - it means a lot 🙂 
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