Redness in new tattoo

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Hello all. This is my fifth tattoo and this heal has been very different. Large black and gray on my back, scabbed heavily. I noticed after about a week some spots that May need touch up. No big deal. I hit the 2 week mark and some of the spots where the biggest scabs have turned red. I’ve never seen this before and am kind of worried. Followed all aftercare instructions and didn’t pick, scratch or anything. Anyone seen this before? Thanks2429F8FE-CF71-42C7-9301-041C020F5E52.thumb.jpeg.4ad51c5c8f53d106fb237684ea206084.jpeg

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I wet heal so I almost never scab, but the few times that I did, they took several weeks to completely heal. It doesn't look infected, I'd give it a couple more weeks before I started to worry. Or, you could stop by your artist's studio and have them take a look.

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I sent the artist pics. They told me to stop putting anything on it and let it dry out which i did. I don’t believe it’s infected either. I definitely think it will need a touch up. It seems to me like this will need a solid 4 weeks or more to heal

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