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Travel for a tattoo?

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How far are you willing to travel to get tattooed by a certain someone? And who?

Here's a similar thread:

Travel and shop choosing

Feel free to jump in here or the other one, thanks.

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Travelled to San Francisco from New Zealand for my Grime appointments, two consecutive full days and two killer pieces last year. Was in the states in 2009 and tied my other Grime piece into that trip. Small detour from France to Copenhagen to get my shin tattooed by Uncle Allen, 8hours one shot on the shin. This coming April the wife and I are booked in with Shige, we both have two full consecutive days each, Im getting one of my thighs hammered and the mrs a half sleeve.

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    • I follow Rodrigo on Instagram. Great Japanese tattoo artist. I would go to him and not even consider another artist on that arm. Dragon a great choice. 
    • Thanks for the advice!!! i joined this forum to ask the very specific question of "should i go back to the same guy" haha. you dont think someone might be able to do a second sleeve and follow the one i already have though? only reason why i ask is because im going to japan in april and it would be really cool to have some stuff done from around the globe.
    • Thank you very much guys!!  i got it done from a guy in nyc named rodrigo melo. found him on instagram and flew down from toronto to get it. dont regret any bit of it.
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