One day old foot tattoo concern

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I got a foot tattoo yesterday. The same artist who did my first tattoo did it, and I was super happy with the result. My foot is very achy, but I’m nervous about how much thicker the lines appear today... I will be very unhappy if they stay that way... I’m hopeful it’s just a part of the healing process... the tattoo is also very raised, so my skin is clearly still agrivated. What do you guys think? 


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2 hours ago, thewitchhunter said:

Just relax and do your usual aftercare and let it heal. You couldn't change anything now either way. But those lines probably won't get any thiner anymore. The skin on the ankle is know to tend to blowouts, so probably not the best placement for such a small and filigree tattoo.


You don't know what it looks like until it heals.

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