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Hello, WHO NEEDS NEW ORNAMENTS FOR TATTOOS? Similar to Maori style

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Hello, my name is Eleonora, and I am ideas maker. I came up with idea to inspire people who draw with new ornaments. I see that in each my drawing there is a lot of new ornaments appears similar to Maori style and maybe someone wants to start to use some of ornaments and create new style or tattoos similar to Maori. Actually, this is what I am planing to do in the future, when will finish this project which contents 101 main pictures and 404 result. I adding every day new 5 pictures. First 50 looks different than the rest 50. Some pictures has hidden pictures inside like a Solar system for example, or the bird. 

Some of last pictures I still did't add on instagram you can see on ... o-you-see/

And here ... o-you-see/ 

And this is more accurate page

I hope to inspire all World on something amazing. :)

Eleonora :)





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13 hours ago, JAC1961 said:

Interesting images, but I'd think that they're too complex to use as tattoos.  Be interested to see what others think.

Welcome. :90_wave:

Interesting, but after a while they start to look alike. Waaaay to detailed for a tattoo.

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