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hello guys i am luigi from italy and i am planning to have my first tattoo but i am looking for some ispiration and help  for the sentence 

the general meaning for the sentence is: don't forget we are going to die 

but i got stucked because i would like to find an other meaning in the sentence as well using differente color 

the idea is to write the sentence e use an other color to evidence the letters for the second meaning 

example: don't forget we are going to die 



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oy vey, this is going to be hard to pull off, both as a sentence and as a tattoo. what sentence are you thinking of getting? the example you give doesn't really work on two levels. at least, I don't see how it works.... then there's the aspect of tattooing letter work. you'll need someone really good at that. lastly, what language are you thinking? Italian or English? Latin? Would that sentence work in Italian?

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    • To be honest I cant see the problem with this one. The work looks clean and the lines are good. In fact I like it. I generally like colour and dislike sad looking black and grey work anyhow,. Ive seen some shocking black tribal ten times worse than this one. A bad tattoo is one which has been done badly, this actually looks like it turned out how the client expected. However if we are talking about personal taste then there's some tattoo snobbery going on here.  This tattoo I would say was done in the 90''s early noughties and high chance it was bad ass at the time (20years ago) The anti tribal brigade came out in force after that period because artists got bloody tired of doing them.  Personally its wrong to criticise a tattoo that's done well. Not everyone wants a 3D skull with a dagger through its forehead.
    • Thank you for the info and pics! I think I already noticed it getting smaller.
    • Hi there, I got the same problem with tattoo bumps, it really takes time to heal. Mine was bigger than yours and I waited it for a month finally healed by itself. Make sure you keep it hydrated as well with enough aftercare ointment. It'll heal just fine 😊   P.s : colors usually takes more time to settle in, depends on one's skin condition.
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