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When I joined Last Sparrow years back I was an Apprentice at a shop. I survived that lol but my Mentor did not he passed away, after that I opened my own shop. It is doing really well. Why I have not be login it is that I have been redirected to spam sights when trying to find Last Sparrow. I thought the sight was dead. The main reason I am back is because I have beed painting a lot lately and was wondering what you guys use on and what works for you - paper, paint, markers, ect.

Tommy Phillips

Noble Street Tattoo




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    • @oboogievery nice. Robert Ryan is someone that I really like and would love to get a piece from if it wasn't such a hike.
    • In my opinion, the rose looks very nice until the very middle and then it kinda gets wonky.  The petals on the very center should still be concentric.  They've got like 4 prongs or something... not sure.  The two pieces really don't flow together.  They almost looks like they were plopped down separately, not part of the same composition.  I think what makes it look odd is the rose is 3D with lots of depth and the locket is completely flat and 2 dimensional, no shadows or depth. Sorry, not trying to tear it down or be critical, just relating what I see.  I don't think I'd return to the same artist.
    • Bit of Robert Ryan flash, tattooed by Josh Henderson. Love it.
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