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    • it's all relative, if you like an artist and it's a good tattoo that YOU like, then it was worth the money. tattoo hourly rates vary from $100 to $700, I know a tattooer that says she needs $300 per hour with an 8 hour minimum,(UP FRONT),for anything ! I got a 9 hour one shot one time that cost me $3000., I was fine with that. I know people that have paid $5000 and up for an arm sleeve. those people that are saying that to you should keep their mouths shut.
    • Not sure if I'm doing this right lol. In response to scottyg:   Thank you for responding and sharing your perspective! Honestly sometimes I wonder if I'm not just somewhat nervous about entrusting such a big decision to a perfect stranger. Especially since this is my first tattoo. Maybe it'll improve with time :) It doesn't help that anyone who knows how much I'm paying will constantly tell me I'm being ripped off. That's coming from friends with many tattoos that they've gotten from different artists all over the US. It feels disheartening. As for finishing the tattoo, that's a definite!! The question was never if I'll finish but if I'll stick with the same artist and how I'll finish (do one full sleeve or do both lower half sleeves then add the upper half later). It may seem odd to work on both the lower half sleeves first before completing them in full but I'm trying to cover a skin condition and I'd love to have both forearms complete so I can feel confident to wear short sleeves ASAP vs just one arm but not the other for an extended period of time. Due to the price I'm paying per hour I'm only doing 2 hour sessions every couple months so this is gonna take a little time to complete. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, thanks again! Really appreciate it. 
    • Guys I have a question about inks safetality. Let me start with stating that i do not like or want to use any plastic based inks anymore ( Intenze, Moms "Millennium", Starbrite, skin candy, etc. like here: ). I have used all of those and can definitely attest to the quality that they have. Also for what it matters, I am not an absolute beginner I have been tattooing professionally for almost 5 years now and my problem is not getting colors to go in. I am more so interested in making a lasting piece of art that will be safe for my clientele. Thank you all for any enlightening input that you might have.
      Thanks in advance Jon
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