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When I joined Last Sparrow years back I was an Apprentice at a shop. I survived that lol but my Mentor did not he passed away, after that I opened my own shop. It is doing really well. Why I have not be login it is that I have been redirected to spam sights when trying to find Last Sparrow. I thought the sight was dead. The main reason I am back is because I have beed painting a lot lately and was wondering what you guys use on and what works for you - paper, paint, markers, ect.

Tommy Phillips

Noble Street Tattoo




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    • Got a bit of a newbie question. I've got 3 rather decent size pieces on my lower leg, pretty much covering it. I know the typical response is "screw what everyone else thinks" but looking for a bit more of an answer, if possible. I don't have any issue with having these seen, wear shorts all the time and so forth. I have been on a waiting list for nearly a year now with Jay Quarles at Black 13 in Nashville, and my time is coming up this month to schedule a session in August. We discussed doing a shoulder to elbow piece. Which I do want. I just have this thing in my head about having work on my arms because 90% of the time, it will be visible, and this kinda changes things for me. Im 6'5" so with long arms, short sleeves cover about 40% of my upper arm, if that. Anyone had a similar thought process?   Partially it's my wife likening it to, my leg tattoos are just being in a serious relationship. but going to the arms is getting married to the process. idk if this is weighing on it too much for me.     dont wanna do it and not be 100% on it. debating letting my number pass, finishing my leg, then revisit the idea down the road. or just am i over thinking it, and will be good to go.
    • So far my armpit was the most painful, and this might sound crazy but my thigh would be a close second. That thing hurt like a bitch. I was pretty surprised I was in so much pain, considering I have a sleeve and the only part that really bothered me was my armpit. 
    • Hey! Welcome. It's really hard to say how many laser treatments you will need. Depend upon the ink(s) used, how deep they went, your body and the type of laser used. I'd find your artist as you are getting your laser treatments and ask them how light it needs to be.  Remember that laser treatments take time...several months or more as well as time to heal between treatments.  My advice? Start your laser treatments and get your artist lined up!
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