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Possible infection


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So I got this little guy done on Friday, I used tegaderm for the first 2 days but it was oozing A LOT, more than normal for me and I ended up having to take it off early. 

I have an appointment on Thursday with a doctor to take a look at it, but I’d like to get others opinions just to ease my mind until I can see them. This is the first time a tattoo has done this, mainly in the leaves of the succulent. They have a yellow tint in some spots and I pressed down and it oozed more ink. 




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Stop touching it. And it's wall to wall color, no reason to go see a doctor.... Unless you absolutely feel it's necessary,  it's also on a bend.... Which tends to piss tattoos off healing wise. . . .  Stick with a light moisturizer, let it breath and it should be ok in a couple days... Don't touch it. 





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