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    • Hello! I got my first tattoo on Wednesday evening, and i plan to go clubbing on Saturday night, so over 72h after the session. Still, I'm not 100% sure if it is a good idea, especially because my tattoo artist told me not to cover it after the second day, and I'm kind of worried about going out with it uncovered and exposed. Can you tell me if it's safe to do it? And if i should cover it for the night?    Also, sorry if I'm not using the forum right, I'm not an english speaker and I may have misunderstood it. Anyway, thanks in advance for your help !!
    • Also going to the party at ATAK tonight! Should be cool. 
    • Hey ! I've been so busy with work, haven't checked back in on the forum. I wish I could make that party, but I'm not getting there til an hour and a half before my 7:30PM Acetates appointment tomorrow night.  I've got 4-5 hour sessions start of Saturday and Sunday though, but you can only walk around a convention so many times haha. I'll definitely be stopping by the booth to shoot the shit.     Anybody else coming out?! 
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