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Hello! Album covers as tattoos. Thoughts?

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I don't have any tattoos, i'm 24 and thinking about getting some.
To start, i'm thinking about getting them places you can only see if i don't have a t-shirt on (shoulder, chest back, etc.) 

I like the art styles of a lot of my favorite bands albums. So i'm thinking about getting something like it. 
It's not bands i always listen to that often, i listen to a lot of different music.
So it's not because the bands themselves have that much of an impact on me, i just really like the style. 

Some of the album covers i'm thinking about is:
Mastodon, only the beasts head, no text and only greyscale

Mötorhead no text either

Them Crooked Vultures, greyscale
And a picture of someone who have a "Them Crooked Vultures" tattoo, which i think is really cool.

I don't want tattoos because they each should have some kind of meaning to me, i want them because i think they look cool.
And i know it depends on the eyes of the beholder, but i still like to hear what you think?

Also if you have some tattoo idea that maybe fits my art style i would love to see them.
I'm not a huge fan of coloured tattoos, but i saw this one recently and thought it was pretty cool.

I think it looks cool when a person have a bunch of different tattoos and they look a bit worn out.
Ok, i stop my blabbering now 😛 Thoughts? 🙂 

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I'm big into music also, but unfortunately a lot of bands I like, I just don't really want their logos or album covers on me for aesthetic reasons. I have the Minor Threat black sheep logo, and some day I want to get the black cat AFI used for some merch (

I also have a piece inspired by some album artwork. I went to an artist who does, imo, great skulls and armor, and I showed him the picture and told him to come up with something inspired by the cover. Attached is a picture of the album and what he came up with for me, the picture is pretty old and taken I think before he finished the background 100% and did some final touchups (artist is Sam Warren in Lancaster, PA).

I say go for it!



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