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Penis tattoo advice


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Hello everyone 

I would really appreciate a help from you guys regarding my penis blackout tattoo, the thing is I am really hesitated, deep down I know it is a bad idea, but part of me want it really bad.

I have had this thought for over a month now, but still don't know.

One of my concerns is how does blackout turn in 5,10 or 15 years down the road, does it fade to green/gray, bcuz I really don't want to end up with a green/gray meat down there, considering a touch up would be another piece of hell in terms of pain and finding the artist who is willing to do it.

To sum up my questions? 

Is penis blackout tattoo a good idea?

If I do carry on and did it how will it fade later?


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35 minutes ago, Gingerninja said:

I'm going with not a good idea. The pain level would be extreme and yeah, after years it's most likely be way faded. Do you have other tattoos?

Thx for your time.

Plz tell me why it is a bad idea.

And no I don't have any ink yet, I have one tattoo/ish (much of q scar) which doesn't have any ink in it, it is my gf name.

I am not big fan of tattoos, but for some reason which I don't know this idea is hunting me, and NO I AM NOT THINKING THE BLACK COLOUR WILL MAKE MY PENIS BIGGER it is just the colour itself which I admire 

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Google this idea and do your research. I remember reading about one guy that had his penis tattooed and wound up with permanent nerve damage. Some other guy got a dragon done on it and I don't think he had any problem. If you've never had a tattoo, you have NO IDEA how painful that would be. Even getting tattooed AROUND that area is painful.

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If you don't have many other tattoos, why on earth would you even consider this? It makes me concerned for your mental health. This is a terrible idea, and I would run in the other direction if I were your partner or your potential partner. No. Just no.

I think you are a troll, but I answered you seriously. Because good lord, what if you are not?

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5 hours ago, Hatlan14 said:

Would you plz tell me 1 reason or 2 why it is really bad ? 

1. You've only been thinking about this for a month or so

2. You don't have any other real tattoos or tattoo experience

3. Any tattooer who might be willing to black out any novice's genitals would be highly suspect in my book . . . 

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The Stewart Robson dragon penis tattoo is remarkable, intriguing and brilliant in the technical sense. There is an old thread from many years ago on LST "Areas Of Your Body You WON'T Tattoo", page 11 has Stewart's comments on that tattoo. If you search the internet you could probably find Stewart's detailed blog post and pic of it. I think that was that gentleman's first tattoo and he was prepared and had a firm vision which Robson executed with amazing skill . You could also search for Matt Gone (checkerboard man), I've talked to him in person about his tattoos. His website has some pretty graphic details about his underwear zone tattoos. You will probably have more luck getting info (or trolling) on the BMEzine backpages. 

Black out "piercer arm" is one thing...but "percier arm" penis is another ! LOL

just pierce your cock or do a head split if you're feeling that kinky.


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