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I am going to this tomorrow,anyone else ?

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    • Looks good. Let it heal. My only coverup (after a bunch of laser) needed a touchup in about a year. I think you have nice tattoo!
    • Hi! 7 days ago I got a tattoo done I really wanted, but now I feel like it doesn‘t suit me, and I don‘t know why. Is it too dark for my figure? I‘m really panicing and thinking about getting it lightened up with a laser (the cat was supposed to be black, but the tattoo got bigger than i imagined, because of all the details and now i feel like it‘s a little much). How do you feel about the tattoo, or what do you think I could do to make it feel a little bit more easy breezy and more fitting for a petite woman like me. Do you think the only option is to lighten it with a laser? Am I overthinking? Will the skull get lighter in the next month?
    • Looks good, man. My first use of white turned yellow. (It was my first tattoo and has since been covered.) My tattoo artist doesn't use much of it on me because you can leave open skin, and it looks just as white. 😂 I'm as white as a ghost. 
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