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I accidentally used green soap as aftercare


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Ok so stupid me used green soap for a full day of aftercare the day after getting my tattoo on my forearm. 

Two of the main ingredients in this green soap were alcohol and perfume.

how stupid of me.. anyway, my arm broke out in a rash and redness throughout the whole skin. One week later my tattoo is peeling but the redness is still there underneath. I don’t think I have managed to infect it but just wondering is it normal with the redness? 

My artist wrapped my arm in tegaderm which stayed on for 36 hours before I removed and washed it with the soap. Arm looked completely fine after removing the tegaderm I just washed away the plasma/ ink , if was only after a a wash or two with the green soap it started to go red..

obviously now I am using an unscented mild soap to wash since using the green soap on the first day. 

Thanks guys,




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What green soap has alcohol in it? Isn't that the whole point of green soap that it doesn't need alcohol to clean?

I use a medical grade green soap for everyday showers and cleaning tattoos, never had a rash but also mine doesn't contain alcohol or perfume. Even the green soap I use to clean my floors doesn't have alcohol in it..

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