Full Back Piece Experience Thread

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On 8/10/2018 at 9:49 AM, scottyg said:

I'm already planning my right calf and 3/4 sleeves with chest panels.... not good.

Nice, we're going in opposite directions! I am starting on my back in a few months. Not sure which one of the two of us will be having it worse. The feeling of the tebori needles in the front of my worn out and permanently-painful right shoulder where I have all the knots produced the most pain I could recall ever having 😵 Hope my back won't disprove my last statement.

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First post here at LST, just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their experiences across this thread. I'm currently two weeks away from my first sitting on my Fudo Myo-o backpiece and reading my way through what everyone has had to say has been helping both fuel my stoke and nerves for it! 


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@scottyg Thanks man! Hanan Qattan is doing it, she tattoos from Circle of Swords in Worcester. She has already done a sleeve of sea beasts for me, as well my knees so we're pretty well acquainted and she's always nailed great designs based on my suggestions before. I've given her carte blanche to play around with the design and come up with something rad, I can't wait to see what she's drawn up for me, counting down the days!

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And I'm back! Had my first session a few days ago, we went for about 7 and a half hours or so and got all the outline done. Was definitely a tough session, the kidneys, parts just below my neckline and the tailbone were all particularly unpleasant. I'm hoping the shading will go a little easier on me.

We're going to add some more at some point so that my ass is covered, probably flowers or some cool swirling wind bars. Next session is another day in about three weeks or so.

I couldn't be happier with how its looking currently, I just wish I didn't have the view intruded upon by the old pieces, still, they'll be gone soon enough! I can't wait to see how it all unfolds from here really. 


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    • As has been said, there's nothing at all you can do for a little while in any event. I've had a knee jerk reaction to a piece before that I was convinced would never settle into my collection and after a bit of time, it looks just fine to me.  Hope you come to like it more, it's a nice tattoo.
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    • The truth is that both of your tattoos will fade anyway with no black outlines. They will probably both just be blobs of colors in a few years. 
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