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Advice on tree piece


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Hi guys!

Im looking to get my tattoo pretty soon I had a piece drawn up from a friend and I like it but when I brought it to the artist he kind of shot the idea down before really looking at the piece, he wants me to rethink the piece so now I just need advice on what other artists think. The piece my friend has drawn is not final and I want the artist to add some of their own touch/ realism to it but I really like the basic meaning of it being more of family tree tattoo with my last name in the roots

now my last name does mean tree in German and I get that, that is redundant but I don't know where to go, do I start from scratch? is the piece that bad? or should I get a more open minded artist?

Im really set on wanting my last name in the piece (doesn't have to be apart of the tree) as well as it being a tree with roots! (love the roots)

Anyway any advice on the piece or what I should do would be much appreciated!!

Thank you 


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okay! great thank you for the response @Dan!! I was just worrying that the idea itself was silly and I should take the tattooers advice, but good to hear that maybe I should just reach out to someone who would be a bit more excited about it 

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7 hours ago, SStu said:

You're going to want a custom oriented shop to work up something like that. In the effort of you not ending up with a hot mess I'd recommend you link us the portfolio of whatever artist you're leaning towards. 

hahaha and thats the opposite of what I want and why I have turned for help! That would awesome if people would be willing to help and give advice too see if it would be a good match! Thank you @SStu!!!

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