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My new tattoo from Marcus Kuhn

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I'm now to this place and just wanted to share my new 3/4 sleeve that Marcus did on me Saturday. He tattoos in Maine and New York but comes here to Santa Barbara a couple times a year to guest spot. Because I might not see him until December or January, I booked 2 appointments with him this visit.

The first session he completed the outline which took 4 hours and 45 minutes but with out breaks probably closer to 4 hours. It was a little rough, he's definitely not known for being gentle,but it was well worth it :D

Here's the drawing done from the tracing of my arm...


And the finished outline. It was done 4 days ago so it's a little scaly by now...




I'll go back on the 1st to complete all the black and grey shading so it should look like a finished product until next time when I can get it colored in. Fortunately the guy works really fast, unfortunately it's 5-6 months in between visits.....

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