Please improve my new tattoo!!

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Hi guys! Recently got a tattoo of an angel on my rib. I think my expectations did not come across clearly to the artist, and the tattoo ended up looking a bit more cartoonish than realistic imho.


1) Are there things that can be improved about the existing tattoo? e.g. the angel's body, the wing, the woman etc?

2) Am thinking of filling up my whole rib as a result of the tattoo in order to make it look more like a greek painting e.g. blob:

With the rest of the space on my ribs in picture, what are your ideas for things I can add to make it seem more aesthetic? I was thinking maybe some clouds and sunrays, a second wing etc.


Please, please do offer me your input guys! I just want a piece im happy to carry with my whole life - quite far from it as of now!




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Do your research, find someone whose work you like and go see them. You've got a good, solid start there. 

Think of how much area you want to cover and approach it as a piece, don't think of adding this or the.

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Hello, first of all welcome, I'll share my personal opinion. I think a circle object (can be your preference) addition to the tip of the hand of the angel  would look nice. Some sunrays or stripes can come down and fill the background. Your tattoo looks great btw, congrats.

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