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Desperate question (also hello!)

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I don't know how to use this website and i just really need some advice so i guess i have to post here first? i dont know, hi. i have 2 tattoos and my most recent i have a concern about so i would just really like to get some help because everywhere else ive gone has not been helpful. Basically my question is, the tattoo is very small (about 2 cm high, made of three lines. its just this symbol: | - / ) and the lines are not straight. Would the shop i went to touch it up for free by thickening the lines to straighten them out or is that something id have to pay for? this tattoo is only a day old but theres already some blowout i think. i just want it to be fixed up when its healed by just making it look neater, but i dont know how to tell the tattoo shop that. Can anyone here give me some advice? Also, would i make any of my problems worse by moving my wrist? I worry that if i move it too much im just going to make the blowout on the left line even worse so ive been trying to keep m wrist super still but its starting to ache a lot from that. Ive really been freaking out and i need some help 😞


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16 minutes ago, Oiocha said:

Just let it heal and its not really crooked so much as your skin has nooks and crannies and will never look fully straight no matter how much they fix it.  Take the tattoo as it is and let it be, its truly going to be okay

that’s exactly what i needed to hear thank you so much. i overanalyse absolutely everything. i did the same thing with my first tattoo which is a LOT bigger and more complicated (three solid black bands on my arm) and even since posting this i’ve calmed down a bit. i think i took too long staring at it last night and this morning and just completely freaked myself out. thank you again

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Agree with @Oiocha.  Let it heal and then see where you're at with it. I don't think moving your wrist is going to make it any worse.

I recently started working on my first larger scale tattoo and I've definitely been down the over-analyze, stare at it all night path with it. It can drive you crazy especially if you're prone to being a perfectionist. Accepting imperfections is part of the process as I'm slowly learning.

As a wise man once said in another thread, "my tattoos are as perfect as I am".  Credit for that goes to @JAC1961

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