Lymph Nodes were swollen after last tattoo.. Should I not get another one?

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I have two tattoos currently, one on my left side and another on my right arm. After getting the one on my right arm, a few months later I noticed a little bump in my underarm, and eventually it was accompanied by some pain. After (many) doctor visits, we concluded that my lymph node had taken in the ink of the tattoo and swollen up. I had the lymph node removed, and my body reacted by filling up the space where the node had been with fluid (yuck). I basically had a third titty for about a month, it was that bad. Now, a year later, I'm craving another tattoo. The problem is, I'm really picky about placement and I really want another tattoo on my right arm. This kind of feels like I'm being dumb, though... But another part of me thinks that maybe since that lymph node has been removed, it could be okay? Have any of you had this experience and gotten a tattoo again? Was it okay? I want to get another one but if I have to go through that again, it's not worth it. However if there's any chance it could be okay I would really really love to get another tattoo on my right arm. Share your experiences :) thanks! 

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By no means should you take my opinion as medical advice. However, I am surprised to hear that the doctor concluded the tattoo ink caused the swelling. There are reports of tattoo ink staining lymp nodes (found post-autopsy I believe) but I dont' think any of these cases involved lymp node swelling as a direct result of being tattooed. Also, placement would be irrelevant. The ink gets to the tattoo via your body's systems and not just because it's placed on your arm.

If you're confident the doctor's assessment is accurate then you might want to avoid another tattoo or do something small and see how your body reacts this time.

Here's a couple of articles on the subject:



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I've heard that lymph nodes can collect the 'debris' from tattoo removal, which breaks down the ink. I'm not a doctor, but I've never heard of a tattoo causing lymph glands to swell from "taking in the ink" and I don't think he is right.  Frankly I don't even know what that means; taking in the ink???

Do your research. If this is a legit diagnosis, you'll find it on medical sites through a google search.

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