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First tattoo - to stop now or to elaborate it? Some pics and questions.


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Greetings! I am happy to find such a nice community:)

This is my first tattoo, I am overall not really happy with how it looks like. My fault - shouldn't have chose too many elements of such different size. So.. the question is - should I go and add more elements (another fox and mushrooms and some flowers) to balance it (small foxes and mushrooms, bigger flowers), or better leave it as is, or.. I am open to all suggestions! 

And what do you think overall? I like the artist's technique, so will it be wise to come back to him?

Attached both fresh and healed. BTW why it became much darker after healing? All the leaves were semi transparent at first, but now they are just dark 

Attached also my attempt of sketching the possible addition.




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3 minutes ago, Hogrider said:

I'd leave it. It's not a bad tattoo. However, I wouldn't go back to the artist. It's too monochromatic. Get more tattoos.

Thank you.

Would you mind to explain what is meant by monochromatic? So to know what to look at when choosing the next artist..

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3 hours ago, Decay said:

Thank you, SStu!

Any ideas how to improve the tattoo? I feel it is too primitive and unbalanced..

I would just suggest being really careful. I've seen way more tattoos made worse by monkeying with them than made better. I would find someone really good at coverups. Not that you should cover it up, but this is not going to be easy to work with.

Good luck. It's not a bad tattoo.

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That's a problem. I've seen lots of pages of local artists, and if we leave aside those who make minimalistic or geometry (mandalas everywhere!) or old school tattoos, there is nothing left. It is really strange - you open the portfolio and you see all the styles from watercolor to black work. No signs of personal style. 



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And.. I've planned this tattoo for about a year. I've been at several studios, I've read endlessly tattoo forums and subbreddits and educated myself as much as possible. So this tattoo is even more painful to see. If it was a walk-in newbee mistake - ok, it happens.

But all this research- and for nothing? .. really discouraging

Edited by Decay
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Hey Decay...I like your tattoo. I feel like you are possibly overthinking this and/or just generally unsatisfied. When did you get your tattoo? Again, i think it looks nice. I lean towards @SStu's advice about surrounding it with other awesome tattoos. I like the addition of the plants in the picture above, too.

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It is new relatively. I don't like it from the start .. I was so excited to find Dan artist who really listen and gives attention, so it lead to excessive relaxation. I saw the sketch without shading, it seemed ok. Then he added the leaves above freehand. First mistake. Then he added shadowing, through it was discuss several times before that I don't want a lot of shading. So now it is unbalanced and cartoonish. 

These are my inspiration pictures and my drawing.

The artist is great, he has a lot of wonderful tattoos in portfolio - suppose it wasn't his best day. 





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5 hours ago, Decay said:

You are right. I am sorry.

Funny, I was told today that 'this cabbage' is pretty.. it was an awkward process of explaining that this is not a cabbage, but a flower. 

I will try to move on and relax about this tattoo. Thank you all!!

If anyone looks at that and thinks it is a cabbage they are just stupid.  

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