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I'm a tattooer out of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I am trying to invest in some coil machines that are right for me. I didn't have a good apprenticeship, I just paid a bunch of money and got put to work. I tried learning coils on my own but it wasn't really working out. So for the majority of my career, I've been using rotaries. My favorite rotary machine I've used is my Dan Kubin Swingliner. But I want to be proficient with coils. I've done more research, taken some seminars and asked a lot of questions, and I think I've got a better situation to actually use them better. But obviously it doesn't matter until I actually get back to using them. 

What I'm looking for right now, is a recommendation for coil machines (particularly liners) that have a hard hit and are LIGHT. I've just got to be real with that heavier machines just don't work for me. 

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

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