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Got my tattoo two weeks ago today. Couple of days ago a line of thick scab got caught against my shirt and came off. Now i have this line of red which looks like a scar. Its not flat even with the rest of the tattoo. Its got a bump to it.

So basically what im asking did I create a scar on my tattoo? Any ways to treat this or am I screwed?


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1 hour ago, Hogrider said:

It takes 4 - 6 weeks for a tattoo to heal. You can't do ANYTHING until then, so sit back, relax, see what happens. Worst case scenario you go back for a touch up.

Thanks man

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I think that line of red is the skin that was still healing when your accidentally ripped your scab off. 

So it will scab over again &/or just heal. I don't think a scar will remain once healed.

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    • so ya, if someone wants to join here and become part of the community and contribute in a positive way, then they are welcome,  but if someone comes here just looking to get help winning a contest online, then they won't get a real warm welcome here.
    • I guess the photos got immediately deleted, too . . . 
    • First, tattoos itch while they heal. Second of all, quit drowning it. You're using way too much lotion, I can see that from the pic. The goal of the lotion is so that it doesn't dry out, it's not to cover it with a protective coat. Last, it takes 4 -6 weeks to heal so just don't look at it until then.
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