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Just thought I'd say hello as I've been lurking for a few days reading various posts. I've just got my first tattoo (attached photo was taken by the artist just after he finished, it's currently in the peeling stage), and am already planning my second (but will probably wait a few months at least). I'm based in the UK and come from a family that definitely frown on tattoos.


Really happy with my first and I'm glad I waited and that I got something that was a decent size and can be added to in the future. 


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Thanks for the welcome 🙂


Daft question... Its almost finished peeling I think and was done a week ago. Is it still too soon to have a bath? I just want to soak my shoulders and back

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On 1/9/2019 at 10:29 AM, SStu said:

Having a bath is one thing, but I would only "soak" once it's 100% flat (no scabbing at all). 


Think I'll stick to a shower and a hot water bottle then for the time being, thanks! Determined to look after this and help it heal well

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Hi. I'm uk based too and also from a family that would give an earful if I told them I had tattoos. I had my first one in basically the same place as yours. Easily hide-able. Then I had a second in the same area which now covers half my thigh. This month i had one on my chest/collarbone. Good luck keeping them hidden now you have the bug.


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    • Hello and welcome to the forum - others will probably be along to tell you to give it some time - and I would agree  - this is a very new tattoo and you need to wait until it's fully healed to be able to have any perspective on it - give it a couple of months to fully settle in. Aftercare - I've had a couple of tattoos now and I have healed really well using Bepanthan (in small amounts) - but others will tell you (with some vigour) not to go anywhere near it. I have also healed with no ointments, herbs, spices, spells or oils at all and these have turned out equally well - so.... One piece of universal advice I think I can give is whatever you use don't use too much of it, and don't soak the tattoo (as in submerged for any length of time) in water.   - What did your tattooist recommend for aftercare?
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