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Awesome Site you should bookmark!!!!!!


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Thought you guys would really like this news site I read, the community is very awesome, and they post some really cool articles, pictures, and topics. The site layout is very awesome also, and once you get use to it, you will become a "redditor".

The way the site works is, a sub-reddit is just a category for posters to post on, or let's just say a group. They have sub-reddit's for everything from world news, atheism, medical marijuana, politics, gaming, and so on. They support a lot of awesome views and people who are needing advice, all the way from sharing things you will NEVER hear on our news, t.v. news or find on the internet. A lot of the community are highly intelligent, and open to all kind of discussions. Most of the users including myself, migrated from digg.com to reddit, and I haven't looked back once.

reddit: the voice of the internet -- news before it happens

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