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Hello. New here.


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Good morning. New member here. I look forward to frequenting these boards and engaging in conversation about tattoos and art in general. Although i have been tattooing for over 20 years, my apprenticeship and career thereafter was very limited in scope. Mostly flash and american traditional. My mentor and friend was hell bent on keeping all rotary tattoo machines and new fancy tattoo art outta his shop and it was very frustrating conforming to his wishes. After he died and the shop closed, i bought an iMac with photoshop, a thermal printer, a pocketjet printer, and 4 top of the line rotary tattoo machines. When cartridges came along i bought the grips and carts and practiced with all kinds of art. Although i feel comfortable putting ink into the skin safely as i was trained and licensed to do........i am not where i want to be with newer styles of tattoo art. . For the last few months i have been researching local artists and meeting them and have decided to do a second apprenticeship for modern times. Call it continuing education if you will. Its the responsible thing to do and even though I am 41 years old It’s never too late to learn new things. I appreciate being here. I hope to talk to ya soon. Thanks

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