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Did my tattoo artist go too deep?


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I just recently got my first tattoo last week, and the minute I left the shop I noticed the lettering and heart on my tattoo looked kind of carved into my skin rather than tattooed. Now that I have had this tattoo for about a week I can notice alot of the ink is fading away and the lettering is looking patchy. I feel like the tattoo artist went abit too deep, deep enough to carve into my skin. What should I do???? I've been caring for it (washing and moisturizing 4x a day) like I was told to and it's not getting any better.


Ps; the rest of my tattoo looks normal, it's just the lettering that looks too deep. 


Third picture is a close up of what I mean by carved.




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That doesn’t look too good.  A simplistic tattoo like that shouldn’t have so many areas of redness. It could be “too deep” but more likely “too much”, meaning too many multiple passes over the same area can really damage the skin and also leave the client more prone to infection, which I would watch out for in those red areas. The patchy lines could mean the artist’s hand speed was too fast, which usually causes the artist to overcompensate by going back over too many times.

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