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Updates about a week after 3rd session. More small blisters this session. Less recovery time and I think more results. Laser settings were increased in intensity this time. I also had a bit of pealing this time which I don’t remember having before.  Plenty itchy now but I’m encouraged as I look at the first pictures I posted compared to now. 


I could get in again as quick as four weeks from now but think t will save me sessions and money waiting longer as the process of ink removal continues, this increasing the contrast for the laser to zap in the next session. 




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7 hours ago, tsuk said:

Can i ask how much is a session ?

I am getting a discounted rate since this is with my primary care physician that I have seen for the past 14 years. I don’t feel right advertising that price but I can say that places seem to charge by the square inch and this is considered a med/large tattoo by laser removal standards.  I was quoted $800 per session if I bought five sessions up front from one place. My doctor quoted over five per session but I made a deal to pay in advance for five so he cut the price down for me.


In general, I would figure about the cost to double the cost of getting it, per session as that’s what it has worked out for me.


Should advancements like the RAP come out and actually work, I would pay considerably more if it could double or triple up results per session. 

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4 hours ago, tsuk said:

Thanks for answering, hopefully you ll get the desired results from this

You are welcome.  I’m happy to answer any questions related to my experience. I’ve read so much online and there seems to be the set/standard bite sized pieces of information on each blog and site.  

I’m looking forward to my next session as I feel like very tiny parts of the tattoo, show significant, immediate improvement after each session, then those tiny spots tend to grow, doubling the results in that area before the next session.  So the progress in six weeks should be greater than what I initially see.  At some point I will photoshop these images together so I can see side by side.  Since the tattoo is continuing to make progress after the session, I believe the longer I wait between sessions the greater the impact, but that I don’t know for sure. 

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