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Blowout, healing or crap?

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Hey! I got my first tattoo on April 9th, so 6 days ago and I’m pretty scared that it turned out to be crappy- it was done in a profesional salon, but the tattooer wasn’t the most experienced girl, but she wasn’t a total newbie either. Is it too soon to judge if its crap or blown out? Should I get a touch up? 


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    • The artist that did this told me that the plan was to go behind this with white and put color around it. Will this work?
    • I personally consider both ideas as exceptionally fascinating. Horses are incredibly beautiful creatures known for their agility and speed. According to American natives, besides strength, a horse themed tattoo could also be utilised for effectually representing a person’s connection to spirituality. On the other hand, clock allows us to realise the significance of time, which governs our entire existence. You can surely etch two of them, and rejuvenate your outer appearance largely.
    • To gently patient. Laser is going to take several treatments spaced 2 months apart to even potentially get it light enough for any cover up. 
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