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Help please! How will his tattoo age?


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I have a date set to get this design on my forearm. I’ve heard that fine lines and pointillism can sometimes blur easily so I am a bit worried that the grey pointillism leaf will blur out quickly. Any thoughts on if this will happen and how long it would take? Additionally, if this were to happen would it be possible to touch it up and somehow make it more crisp? For instance, by outlining the leaf with a thicker black line in the future if it were to blur? I just don’t want to end up with a grey blob I can’t do anything about on my arm in 5 years! 


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well I IMO , if you are that concerned about how a tattoo will look in 5 years, maybe you shouldn't get a tattoo.

because it's gonna look like a 5 year old tattoo, all tattoos age, they fade, they meld together some,

if it's done by a good reputable artist then it will be fine.

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Talk to your artist about your concerns.  He/she will give you their honest opinion.

When I got my back mandala, I went in with a totally different design.  My artist told me that while it was beautiful, it wouldn't age right because it was so detailed and had so many fine lines together. So we reworked it and I got a mandala that is less detailed, but will age better.  I loved the way my tattoo came out, and appreciate it that it will have lasting power.

My first tattoo (which I have since covered up), i didn't listen to the artist regarding size.  10 years later, you couldn't even tell what the heck it was.  So definitely be open to changes if longevity is a concern.

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