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New Tattoo - Redness Around Lines/Scabbing

Kade W.

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Hey guys! I’ve had quite a few tattoos, but not many on my forearms. This was partially a touch-up/cover-up (the color parts) and the line work outside (the “frame”) was all done 4 days ago. I see a little redness around this side of the lines and there is slight blowout in some of the parts, though it’s not bad.

I know the blowout is minimal and won’t matter as much when I get the tattoo colored in and finish my sleeve, but the redness sort of concerned me. Does it look like cause for concern to you all? 

Any info on any of this would be appreciated! I’m pretty OCD about my tattoos so I may overthink too much. 



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You won’t know anything about blowout until it heals.
The day after my last session the line work was 3x wider than when it was done. After it scabbed and came off it was normal. Give it more time.

I typically clean the tattoo twice a day with antibacterial soap and use a thin layer of aquaphor afterwards. Just make sure you aren’t drowning it with moisturizer.

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I guess another reason I was asking about blowout was because the lines on the other side look a little cleaner, or maybe it’s just my imagination. Could be placement or positioning or whatever, too. 


Admittedly, I had just got done peeling from a sunburn on the side of my arm in the first pictures. I mean, it had been 2-3 weeks since I was burned, and it was very lightly, with minimal peeling, so I doubt that affected it too much but I guess there is always a chance. 


This pic is the other side of the tattoo.


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