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Tattoo Messed Up While Peeling From Sunburn

Kade W.

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I had a tattoo done two weeks after getting sunburned on my arms. I was almost done peeling, and truly didn’t think anything of it, but I feel like it has affected my tattoo (on the side with the crab claw and bottle and all, pics below). 

I have a little “smudging” or “blowout” or whatever it is on the crab claw side, but I can definitely tell a difference. Not sure if this will fix itself or go away, but it is a little distressing, to say the least. 

The first pic is the stage it’s in currently, the second is when it was first done, and the last pic is the current stage on the other side with the “cleaner” lines.




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Absolutely....I have the same thing going on. Some areas are more scabby than others.


If you think about it.

What we are doing is having a liquid (ink) directly injected into our skin. Of course there will be some spreading....that’s what liquid does. However it’s nothing to be concerned about until at least 4-6 weeks after that session and only if it’s abnormal as compared to that rest of the tattoo.

Unless the artist is really not very good, I’ve seldom seen any type of blowout or other negative side effects once the tattoo is healed.


I have found that people tend to overreact to the healing process.


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