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    • Thank you cyoonit! I have bad body dysmorphia as well and so it’s hard for me to see reality sometimes. I’m working on it but I’ve been that way my whole life. My idea I proposed to the artist was a monmon cat but instead of a cat, a hedgehog. It’s what I had named my deceased hedgehog after. I’ve just had people come ask me to post my tattoo on reddit for bad tattoos and for Twitter and it really hurt my feelings. I’ll post my inspiration pics. I liked aspects of all of them. But I’m gonna let it heal up for a month or two and if I don’t like it still I’ll contact for a cover up/correction. I’m moving to Philadelphia in July and I might be able to contact artists there. Maybe adding gray in the body? Hard to say.  Unfortunately I didn’t take a pic of the drawing I had been shown. Maybe without the shading it looked better to me. I don’t know. My husband says it looks fine. But I just keep seeing the face looking wrong to me. 
    • I tried googling hedgehog tattoos in japanese style and there wasnt any helpful pictures so i have no basis at what that is "supposed" to look like.  With that being said, i'm curious to see what the drawing itself looked like. The second picture angle makes it look perfectly fine. If it's way too far off from the drawing and you're that unhappy with it, I would go talk to the artist about it. But if it's in your artist's style and looks similar to the concept drawing, sorry to say there's nothing that you really can do other than to look into lasering/coverups way down the line. I would let it heal completely first and see where to go from there? You might be judging your own tattoo a bit too much, but I only say this because i'm not sure what the concept was supposed to look like.  Keep your head up and good luck!  
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