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I'm just looking for some advice/ stories on back pieces.  I have three separate tattoos on my back all done by different artists. They're unrelated in style and subject matter.  I'm hoping I can find an artist to design a tattoo to more or less cover my back while also incorporating what I already have. Does anyone have experience with this? I have some ideas, with what I want, but nothing really concrete. Are artists willing to input any ideas or do they just want it all from you? 

Also, are artists ever willing to section off large pieces and complete a section per sitting? instead of doing like one sitting dedicated to outlines, one for fill/ shading etc? 

These may seem like stupid questions, and I know everyone is different- was hoping to get a little insight before getting everything in motion...

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Either decide how you want to do it and find an artist that will do it that way, or find an artist you want and do it the way he wants. Or maybe you'll get lucky and find an artist that you want that wants to work they way you are dictating.

My artist likes to outline first. He outlined my whole back in one marathon session. Just my opinion, but I only want my artist thinking about making great art. I don't want him thinking about limitations I'm putting on him.

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Yeah, I'd say it'd be best to find someone who can come up with a vision for how the whole will work while incorporating the elements that already exist. It's a hard task.


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    • So I got my first tattoo that will be visible and I’m on day 5 healing.  I ended up going to the doc on day 3 and was diagnosed with cellulitis.  So I’ve been on antibiotics for 2 full days.  The redness and swelling is going down.    I followed the after care instructions of remove bandage after 4 hours, wash and light lotion (I used cetaphil lotion).    2 days after the tattoo, it started swelling up and oozing plasma like crazy.  I’m just washing it and letting it dry, I’m not putting anything on it other than non-stock bandages which I change out.  These were recommended by my doc because the plasma starts dripping off my arm in minutes.  Tattoo is located on inner forearm.  I’ve never had any issues with my tattoos on my torso.    I’ve tried letting it air dry without a bandage but it leaks so much plasma.  I’ve been in touch with the artist but she quit responding and seems to be at a loss.    so basically I’m just wondering if anyone’s seen a tattoo like this heal ok?    First pic is fresh, second pic is from is after washing this morning, day five.  I air dried it and it’s still really puffy and oozy. 
    • Perhaps I can PM. I'm not even sure I want it up for the world to see yet.
    • I read them all lol. I can possibly PM a picture but I'm so unsure about the tattoo. My biggest concern on top the work itself is how worried I am about the chemicals in the pigments, especially titanium dioxide given my piece has a lot of color and white. Something I never even considered before hand ironically. I feel like I should have went with grey wash if I got anything and I never wanted color originally but after seeing the sketch it seemed to make sense at the time. I suppose it doesn't help this is my second tattoo and it was 9 hours on the ribs.
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