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Tattoo in Belgium & France

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what's up friends

I'm going to Belgium & France for 2 weeks in best friend is marrying a french gal, so the wedding is in Montpellier, Southern France.

I will be flying in/out of Brussels, Belgium.

Going to check out Ieperfest hardcore music weekend festival as soon as I arrive in Brussels, planning to meetup with my LST penpal Pascal in-person, then will go with the wind to get to Toulouse and Montpellier areas to meet up with my friends for the wedding. But I also have a bunch of free days after the wedding before I fly home and have to make my way from the South coast of France back up to Brussels...seems like a great opportunity to smash on a new european tour tattoo ! 

Any suggestions of tattoo shops for a walk-in?

Or cool ideas/places to check out? 

I've never solo adventured before, so I'm taking advantage of my new freedom.

thx budz 🙂 Eric

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Posted (edited)

Oh man! I just got back from Paris on Monday, and while I didn't get tattooed, I did stop into Tin-Tin Tatouages and it's a very cool shop. Small, but with a very talented group of people, and lots of Mondial memorabilia. I stayed on Rue Lepic so it was only about two blocks away. Paris is great to just walk around and it's easy to take the metro everywhere.

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Purple Sun tattoo is in I will likely check that place out. I'm sure Pascal will have some other cool suggestions in around Belgium.

Anybody know of any cool shops in Toulouse ?

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Update - awesome time in Belgium and France !

Got to meet my LST penpal danceswithferrets in-person. Him and his wife showed me a wonderful time in Leuven and we had a really awesome tattoo exchange, including this photo op:



I enjoyed Belgian sites and people (and beer!) so much that I headed back to Bruxelles after the Southern France wedding for my remaining days.

Met some cool people by chance (one of which was a tattooist) within 5 minutes of leaving my this gothic skull blastover made by my new pal Taul Tattoo at his Atome22 Studio:



And spent my last day in Bruxelles at the world class Purple Sun Tattoo:

Hand poked finger dangler by Indy Voet



and this incredibly powerful tattoo from Jean-Philippe Burton66509588_2398657007078616_34221497861341


As an added bonus I got to see the Wim Delvoye exhibit at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts Belgium and see Jamie the tattooed pig from Art Farm and the Cloaca shit machine !



Very grateful for the experiences the universe and tattoo-karma provided me throughout this trip. It was a spiritual awakening of sorts. Highly recommend Bruxelles and Belgium, I can't wait to go back 🙂


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