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Somethings wrong? - need advice


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Hi! Been reading this community for a while, but didn't feel like posting, until now!

Feeling a bit confused, not happy with the piece, and I'd like some advice. 1 month old. The thing is, the symbol in the middle looks weird, not fitting with the rest of the tattoo and absorbs a lot of attention. It is quite personal, sort of a "background paint brush stroke moon with a whirlwind in the center", but it feels wrong and disconnected.

Linework on the kois is well done, but I'm starting to think that there could be some background or another details, like a perfect circle, some geometry, light linework waves, I dunno.
Overall it feels unfinished. What do you think fellas? Thanks in advance!


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21 minutes ago, SStu said:

Agreed it looks unfinished. Is that the artist's normal style?

Definitely going to need to proceed with caution . . . 

Not his preferred style, but I had no objections of any kind when I wanted a linework style tattoo. I've seen other pieces in the same style that were great.

Yep, gonna be very careful here. Ty

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1 hour ago, oboogie said:

There's not much there. I think I'd leave it for a while, and maybe you can find someone great who can do something with it at a later date.

What do you mean? Too much empty space?  Thanks for the input! 

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