My artist cut me, how long does it take to heal?

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IMG_20190613_142909590-01.jpeg.4a17a6a40ef8b003dcf6bfb6d9b70812.jpegHey I got my tattoo on may 30th so it's been exactly 2 weeks today. Most of the tattoo is healing as expected with no residual scabs and all smooth. The issue is I noticed 2 areas that are still scabbed over where it looks like he actually cut the skin. Running my fingers over the areas you can feel they are deep and well, feel like a cut. 


 So, I know it needs a touch-up and I have to wait at least a month for that if there was no cuts but I'm not sure how long I should wait for the cut areas to heal before I get it touched up? 


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Yeah, I wouldn't consider getting a touch-up before a month. I was just wondering how long to wait until it's safe with the damage to the skin. And it's definitely going to need a touch-up as the K is supposed to be solid and it's definitely not.

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