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How can I fix this cover up?


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Hi guys, so I recently got a cover up and it's a little over 2 weeks in the healing process. I'm finally starting to like it, but it doesn't fully cover up my old tattoo! There are hints of the old tattoo still showing through (where the arrows in the picture point to the faint black curved line). Is there any way to fix this and cover this part up better? Can I just go back for a touch up and maybe have the tattoo artist go over it one more time with some shading and yellow ink? Thanks for the advice.


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5 hours ago, Dan said:

IMO just leave it alone,if you F*** with it ,will only screw it up,

my guess is if you don't point it out to anyone ,nobody will notice the tiny  lines.

it looks fine to me.

THIS! Read it over and over until you get it. Monkeying with a tattoo will make it worse more often than it will make it better.

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