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Thick Skin ?

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Hi guys.

Just had another tattoo ( star-sign on my arm )

The artist had to keep going over the same area because the skin was too thick and said i may have to go in for a touchup once its healed because he didn't want to cause too much trauma to my arm. It looks pretty much perfect, just one line is slightly thicker than the other, should be an easy job to do.

Has anybody else had this experience ? Thanks

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I was curious, so I did a little googling. The only places on our bodies that have what is classified as thick skin is places that see abrasion, like finger tips, palms and soles of your feet.

So ya, they were feeding you BS. 💩

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I'm sure he said it was " thick " and may need touching up later.

So far i'm delighted with it and will have to see how it heals 😄

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