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Advice/help needed!!


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Need advice/help! My girlfriend and her best friend just got matching tattoos of song lyrics and they gave the artist the incorrect lyrics (lol). The “in” should be an “and”. I was thinking the “in” could be turned into an “&” symbol but all my drawings of it are atrocious. If you are a tattoo god, she could really use a decent “&” design using the “in” in the picture. DM me if you have a great idea, we can definitely work out a way to compensate you. Thank you all!



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17 minutes ago, Dan said:

if it was me I would just leave it alone.

trying to change it will just F*** it up.

Sorry if I’m doing this reply wrong, this is my first post on this (or any) forum.

She is pretty optimistic about it! Her friend and her are crazy, and they have reasoned that because that is the way they sing it, that is why they got it tattooed with that wording.

I can buy that, but as I’m sure you guys all know(and she doesn’t), having to explain your tattoos is the worst thing ever, at least for me lol.

To bank off this reply, I’m going to add my shit drawings of the sort of design I’m looking for. Yes, I know, they’re beautiful, lmao. Cheers ladies and gents, any help is greatly appreciated



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