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Need a touch up ?


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Had this tattoo done two days ago.

Part of the middle of the logo ( pointed out in pic ) is lighter than the other side of it.

My artist said this is because he had to keep going over part of it and once it heals it should be fine.

The arrow and circle isn't the tattoo it's my n00b paint skills

In real life it looks a bit " cloudy/milky "


Pic attached


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I read the milky stage is usually after the scabbing, i've had no scabbing yet. Seems as though there's a few tiny spots where the ink hasn't set and i can see my skin underneath


Either way i'll take my artists advice and wait a month

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Hi all. I got this tattoo done around 3-4 years ago, but now is the time that I want to add to it. Ideally, I would love to brighten it up much more. I was thinking about adding mist/fog to it. Could this be done? Would it look better? I must admit that I don't like the big birds at the top. I want to cover them up. I was thinking about mountains so I could make a sleeve out of it. What are your thoughts on this? Is it also best to shave my arms with shaving gel? It does look scruffy to be honest. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. I've added a second pic having just shaved my arm after seeing the previous one. It looks so much better clean shaved but I still don't like the big birds so definitely want to cover them with something. 



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