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Dryness and peeling question...? I think


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I’m assuming I’m over thinking this because it’s the first tattoo addition below my sleeve line which I see all the time. The ink just appears to clump up or look crusty (2nd photo). Not sure of the right word. It’s been about 3 weeks and all the major peeling is over with. Some areas are starting to peel slightly again. Should I continue applying lotion or leave it alone for a little and let it do its thing?



In this photo, you can see one of the crusty/clumped up ink areas. Not sure if that’s the right words to describe it.


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Three weeks is still early in the healing process. I would continue with the lotion (non greasy, unscented), but once a day should be plenty. And make sure you use sunscreen if it's exposed to sunlight. The 'clumpy' spots look like they have heavier saturation and they will likely take longer to settle than the line work.


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