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Leg Sock Tattoo Concerns


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I'm getting my leg (above the ankle to below the knee) tattooed in a couple weeks, and I would have to travel about 2 hours from home to get to the shop. I was just wondering if I would be able to drive after getting the tattoo. Its going to be on my right leg and artist said it would take about 8 hours if we did one session but 4-5 hours if we did two back to back sessions. I've done a 10 hour session straight and felt fine after, just a little tired as a reference. And would I be able to go back to work (desk job) the day after? Thanks! 

This is what it would look like. Polynesian tattoo.


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I don't know about driving, depends on your wherewithall, but you can definitely go back to work if you want. Just be aware there will probably be significant swelling on extremities like that (I got a lot of swelling in my ankles and feet) and so you'll want to elevate your leg if possible. Also, don't wear jeans as they'll rub against the tattoo, which is an open wound at that point. Try to wear slacks/etc if possible.

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58 minutes ago, humuhumunukunukuapua'a said:

Thanks for the response guys! Also will I most likely be limping a lot the next day or nah? and what type of material should I wear and not wear if I do wear pants (cotton, etc...)



I use this stuff all the time.

makes healing a breeze,

they ship fast.

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The 1st day I limped for a few minutes every time I was sedentary or had my leg elevated for awhile. Just a blood rush related thing. 

Saniderm is a wonderful thing, especially to basically eliminate the chaffing and/or contamination possibilities. 

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