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Tattoo Flash Advice


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Hello! I am Gracy. I am a recent SVA graduate and I hopefully look forward to getting an apprenticeship in the future. 
Here is my website with the flash I have done: https://realgraceevalentine.wixsite.com/website/tattooflash

I came here to obtain feedback on different topics, but for now, I need feedback from other tattoo artists or enthusiasts about something. 

Recently, the Kyoto Animation studio has been destroyed due to arson, and lives have been lost. 
I am considering making tattoo flash to sell to fans, all inspired from different anime made by KyoAni. My intent is to raise money by selling this flash, and all proceeds will go to an official GoFundMe for the KyoAni recovery.

My worry is that some people will take the designs and get it tattooed without paying, and it would be unfair to those who paid. 

What advice would anyone give before I proceed with this?  I would appreciate any responses (honest and respectful please. This is a serious topic.)

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3 hours ago, Hogrider said:

Not trying to be mean, but why would anyone buy flash from an unknown artist who isn't even a tattoo artist? I wouldn't be too worried about people stealing the designs.

It’s okay! You’re not being mean. It’s the truth and you’re being honest. Especially when we’re talking about something that will permanently be on someone’s body for the rest of their life.

Any feedback including yours will help me determine whether it would be worth it or not putting it for sale.

I really appreciate the feedback! 

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