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Obligatory question about new tattoo 😅

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Hey everyone! First time posting but won’t be the last!

I was curious if anyone here might have an idea what I might have happening on my new tattoo-

It’s about two and a half weeks old now, but all the areas colored with red are really textured. It feels kinda like the skin is leathery (I hesitate to say scaly). There isn’t any issues with it being raised or painful (though it was much more tender than any of the other parts of the tattoo for much longer)

When it was fresh it burned quite a bit, and it looked exceptionally raw compared to any of the other areas of the tattoo. In the next few days it looked like there were uniform white spots/bumps formed under those areas, which thankfully have now faded. I would have chalked this up to be being a fresh tattoo, but the rest of the ink didn’t feel that way.

It’s not my first tattoo- but I’ve never had a, reaction? Like this before. I have red ink in my other tattoos, so I wasn’t sure if this was maybe a mild allergic reaction to a different brand of ink? Every place I could search online only talked about or showed super major skin reactions / scaring / infections so I really haven been able to guess what did, is, happening exactly.

I'm not as freaked out about it now as I was before. That’s come and gone, and it doesn’t appear the tattoo is damaged at all which was my biggest concern haha. Just wanted to see if anyone had any guesses what might have happened or had similar experiences. If this is something sounds like it should go away over time, if theres something I should do to remedy it, or maybe if I should have any concerns about.

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    • Tylenol is not a blood thinner, it should be fine to take before the tattoo, the best things you can do before a tattoo is mentally prepare for it, put yourself in a pleasant place in your head, perhydrate the day and night before and get a good nights sleep, eat a really good healthy meal right before the tattoo, bring sugary candy and water with you to the tattoo, I bring skittles and M&M's, I also bring a banana to eat half way through, eat a little candy throughout the tattoo, it will make you feel better. don't forget to turn the sounds off on your phone during the tattoo,like the ringer and text alerts, it's the polite thing to do.  
    • I like the new guy's style, too.  Highlights and some outlining added to the top might help it, applied by the right person. Print out a photo and have him show you what he's intending.  I don't know about the Tylenol question, but I doubt it'd help much. It's just a sensitive area and it's gonna suck. 
    • Some time ago I have posted a tattoo that the guy screwed up. The tattoo is going to be "repaired" guy said that he needs a full session to make it look good.  Meanwhile he is doing me this to join both tattoos together there will also be colours like orange eyes and pentagram and flames around the horns.  But I couldn't last the whole session so he only finished the contours it was painful much more than the chest.  The only place I had a bit of relief was the middle of my belly.  So here is the question is Tylenol ok to use before the session.     And could you give me any personal opinion what do you think about this idea of tattoo.  Is it going to work I mean the top tattoo is kind of more realistic style and what is going to make on my belly is not going to be so much realistic. Personally I really like his style and the idea to put a bit of life to the top tattoo with colours but would to hear some honest opinions.   Thanks.  Pawel. 
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