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    • Sure thing. The reason I joined this forum is actually because I wanna find something to cover both of these up completely, or at the very least make them look less like an ed Hardy shirt. Please let me know if you have any ideas.    I like anything with florals or Ancient Roman/Greek themed but I’m open to other styles too.
    • I have recently started seeing these in the black ink on some of my tattoos but only the ones I’ve had in the last 4-5 years. Any older than that have no issues. And an exception to one on my foot that I’ve had in the last few years that isn’t bothered. It’s mainly one big one I have on my arm that has lots of colors but they are only in the black ink. They don’t look like pimples, can’t be popped, and their size hasn’t changed since I’ve noticed them. Sometimes, they itch but not often. I’ve been thinking of seeing my dermatologist about it because I’m not done getting tattoos lol.
    • Don't get her wrong. Tattoo artists are welcome here and many have provided loads of insight in the past. However, the guidelines state: "Do not start threads asking about specific tattooing equipment or techniques, LST is not here to teach anyone how to tattoo. Ask your own tattooer, the next time you are getting tattooed. Maybe they'll answer you, maybe they won't." That said, if i saw that kind of practice, i'd never go back to that shop again and i'd advise everyone i know to do the same.
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