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Could This Be Deemed Offensive ?


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Thinking of ideas for a smallish tattoo and was considering the armani logo, but after inspection it looks very similar to a fascist regime back in the 1900s.


I think i'll get something which couldn't be offensive, and maybe matching tattoos with my sister 🙂 thanks


By the way, the pic i posted isn't mine, its off google



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I have this,I call it a surfer cross,it is representative of the surfing/skateboarding lifestyle I grew up in during the 60's in southern California.

if it's offensive to someone then oh well,as @Hogrider  said,there will always be somebody offended by something.

nobody has ever commented on it in a negative way,

actually a few people have thought it was a religious cross.


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There are many symbols that originally meant one thing and have been bastardized over the years. The iron cross was a German military medal going back to Napoleon's time, may even have a history before that. The Nazis, white supremacists and outlaw bikers have ruined since then. I remember going to a car show with my older brother and sister in law when I was probably 6 or 7. I bought a small iron cross and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

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