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Took saniderm off would it ruin my ink?


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I tried to put saniderm on my new leg sleeve, but the size I cut was wrong and I peeled it off. Would this have ruined my ink; pull out ink? Parts of it were already attached to the tattoo, but since the siZe was wrong, I peeled it off right after trying to apply it. I am actually really worried would it affect the healing

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5 hours ago, humuhumunukunukuapua'a said:

Any suggestion of how to put in on a leg sleeve, wrapped all the way around from below the knee to above the ankle

did you use the sheets or the personal roll ?

I use the "personal roll",works pretty good on larger pieces,


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2 hours ago, humuhumunukunukuapua'a said:

I used the personal roll, guess just gotta cut it to the shape of my leg. 


Also so wanted to ask what would be good to wear to keep tattoo out of sun while healing. Would sweatpants be a good option?

well yes,you do need to get creative with the saniderm pieces,

and like @Gingerninja  and the saniderm instructions say it's ok and good to overlap the pieces,

and any clothing that blocks the sun is fine,not sure about sweats in august,but whatever

I would just stay out of the sun for any long periods,

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One of the good points about saniderm is covering the wound while it is still fresh and CLEAN. I don't know anyone who has put it on after 2-3 days but if you trap ANY dirt or bacteria under it you are literally laying an infection nest. I wouldn't do it. 

Not sure where on your body the tattoo is, and 3 days into healing it shouldn't really still be oozing - but possibly cover it with a very clean t-shirt or similar and if it's still stuck to that in the morning then use warm water to disengage and then gently clean with antibacterial soap. 


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